Quit Pitchin’! (Thursday’s)


Suck My Kick


It was a fun Thursday evening of kickball at Olmos Basin, as teams are continuing to have a great time socializing and grilling and drinking it up all night long. The competition level is at an all time high and teams are looking forward to the playoffs.


We are now three weeks into the season and in the Bud Light Division we have only one undefeated team, Oops We Did It Again is now 3-0 and no one has come close to giving them a challenge. Sit On My Base is 2-0-1, and they are playing some solid kickball. Let’s see if they get the chance to knock off the #1 seed. Scissoring Clintons are 2-1, and they continue to get better, they are very capable of making a run at a championship. The Ballbarians are also 2-1 and having a great time. Though they are still gelling, they show potential to make a Cinderella run in the championship.

In the Michelob Ultra Division, we have three undefeated teams: I’m Rick James Pitch, NKOTB & Epic Foul. All three teams have been very dominant, but despite it, they keep a very social atmosphere with their team and their opponents. Pitches Be Trippin is now 2-2, and they have put themselves in a good spot to make a true run for a championship. Good luck to all the teams in our Super Social Division.
In our Just For Kicks Division, we have nothing but fun happening. Suck My Kick is 3-0 and having a great time learning the ins and outs of kickball. Isotopes are now 2-1 and continue to be a solid team along with Kickballa$$ and Fresh Prince of Ball Air. Tequila Mockingbird
and Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard round out the division at 0-3, but let me tell you, it’s all about fun for these folks.
Good luck in the second half of the season!