Red Ball Bombers! (Tuesday’s)

Swift Kick in the Grass


Week Two is in the books!!! Shout out to all the teams that played through the crazy wind out there tonight!! Looking forward to seeing everyone next week! Our Social Team of the Week is Swift Kick in the Grass! Despite their opponent being a little shorthanded, Swift Kick was patient and graciously waited for Kick James’s entire team to arrive without penalty! Great show of sportsmanship given the standings!



Our first game highlight was between Ain’t Gonna Kick Itself and Run FDIC. For both teams it was offense tonight that made the appearance. Both teams tallied a run in the first, but Kick Itself soon put up three unanswered points, making defensive stops that left Run FDIC players stranded on the bases. However, with their last at bat, and down 4-1, FDIC kicked it into high gear, and scored three runs to tie 4-4. But Kick Itself had last at bat, and though it was close, FDIC held strong to prevent them from scoring. When all was said and done, the final score ended in a tie, 4-4

Our second game highlight was between I’m Kick James, Pitch and Swift Kick in the Grass. Both teams are pretty reliably defensive-oriented, and this game exceeded expectations. Although both teams scored in the opening inning, after that, it was a lot of three up, three downs, with no runners scoring for either team for multiple innings. However, Kick James broke the scoring drought in the bottom of the fifth, and although Swift Kick had some opportunities, Kick James made some outstanding defensive stops, and when the last out occurred, I’m Kick James Pitch came out on top, 2-1