Returning to the Diamond! (Tuesday’s)

STAR Complex



Welcome to Week One of Kickball at STAR! We’re excited to have finally “kicked” off our first season of the new year!  Looking forward to an awesome season!



Our first game highlight was between I’m Kick James, Pitch and We’re Too Old for This.  Too Old came out of the gate at full speed, scoring four goals in the first inning, while keeping Kick James scoreless. However, Kick James found their groove, holding Too Old scoreless in the next inning, while racking up two runs for themselves. However, Too Old soon starting taking advantage of the gaps, and when the final score was tallied, Too Old came out on top 11-3.


Our second game highlight came between our two Jefferson Bank teams, Nickleheads and Run FDIC! What was an awesome match-up in our previous seasons, didn’t disappoint this season either! Both teams tallied one run each in the first inning, held on defensively for the next two, before Nickleheads jumped ahead by one, but was answered back the following inning by Run FDIC. Going into the final inning, Nickleheads again went up, this time by two. Down by two with their final at-bat, Run FDIC thrived under the pressure, loaded the bases with some strategic base-hit singles, and then hit a boomer of a shot to bring in three runners, ultimately winning the game 5-4!!



Olmos Basin

Los Chupacabras

Our Social Team of the Week is Las Chupacabras! They showed up and were grilling all night. They started their game with the chug off instead of the standard intense battle this is R/P/S. Pretty awesome crew!



Week Three is upon us! Tonight, the doubleheader spotlight was on The Guido Hitmen! In their first match-up of the evening, they took on Hotline Bling. Hotline Bling brought in two in their first at bat, but that’s all they would be able to get past the Hitmen today. The Hitmen would counter those two with four runs of their own! Final of the first game was 4-2. Next up they would take on Not Your Average Joe’s. The Hitmen got off to a slow start again, but fortunately they were able to find their kicks and bring in an impressive seven runs! NYAJ were able to bring in three in their final AB, but it wasn’t enough to pull off the comeback bid. Final score was 7-5 in favor of the Hitmen.

Our next game put Kick It and Quit It up against the powerhouse of Don’t Be A Bunt. Don’t Be a Bunt were kicking for the fences today, as they were able to power quite a few kicks past the defenders. They would run away with this one by a score of 17-1.

Our final game put Los Chupacabras against Looking to Score. This game started off the right way! Both teams decided to have a chug off instead of the normal RPS style. The game would go back and forth between both sides, with neither team able to take advantage. Looking to Score would tie it up in the last inning, but the Chupacabras had last at bats. They were able to get the one run they needed and would end the night with a victory by a score of 6-5.