Returning to the Fields! (Tuesday’s)

Recess Rejects



After the Great Floods of 2016, it was nice to get back into action with the new season of kickball at STAR. With a large influx of new teams each game presented some new challenges for our teams.

Offense was the order of the day in the 7:00pm matches. #TeamSherbert started the night a little short on fire power against Kickin Aint Easy, but as the innings grew shorter their kicks got longer and they were able to win 12-1.

Meanwhile, Bad Assets and Big Blue were in a back and forth game. Both of these teams are new to Tuesday Kickball and their first week here proved to be a success, at least when kicking. Each kick seemed to find open space.  In the end Big Blue was able to capture a 9-5 victory.

Capping off the night was SAVED BY THE BALLS and Just Kickballing Here, who were playing their second game of the evening. Perhaps a little tired from their earlier victory Kickballing Here allowed an early run to score. It seemed like that would be the only run of the game until, in the bottom of the 7th inning, they were able to score their only run of the game. That would be good enough to earn them a 1-1 tie and keep them undefeated on the season