Send That Pitch Deep! (Thursday’s)

drunk and looking to score

Drunk and Looking to Score


After three fun weeks of kickball we have identified some very good teams. In Just For Kicks we have Drunk and Looking To Score undefeated  at 3-0 as they have only given up two runs while scoring 31 all season! Balls and Winners is also 3-0 scoring 24 runs and only giving up five. Boozy Ballerz at 2-1 is looking for solid while scoring 21 runs and only giving up five.

In the Social Division we have only four teams, but they have been a blast to watch. Rikickulous is now 3-0 and looking very good, while Dynasty Ruled is 2-1 and they are surely a team that will look to compete. Classy lost their captain to injury and they are going to need some support to comeback from this talented loss. Como La Foul is hanging in there. Although 0-3, they have shown flashes of offensive power!

In the Super Social Division we have 20 teams, but only two of them are still undefeated. Strong Hard D is now 3-0, scoring 21 runs and only giving up seven all season. Jalapeno Bunts is also 3-0 scoring 19 runs and boasts an extremely stingy defense only having given up four total runs. It will be fun to see if these two teams meet somewhere down the road. HPIC and Balls Deep are both 2-0-1 and either could also make a big run at any time. We have a lot of teams sitting at 2-1, so we will have to see what Week Four brings and how these teams start to make that push for the playoffs.

Good luck in the second half of the season and please remember, keep it social!