Thursdays Are For Kickball

Thursday Night Kickball is off to an amazing start, although we started a week late, everyone seemed very excited to be out at Olmos Park enjoying the weather, drinks, food and kickball action.  We have a lot of new teams and we have a lot of veterans teams back out for kickball, make sure to spend some time socializing with everyone you encounter, it will make for a more fun time all around.

In the Social Division we have the Mastur Batters back at it, showing their domination of the game by destroying their opponent 15-3.  This is just the beginning of the season but they are already setting the tone for what is expected in Social Kickball.  Classy is also back at it, they were able to pull off a close victory 9-8 over Whiskey Kick, lets keep a close eye on these teams as they will be giving Mastur Batters a run for their money.

In the Super Social Division we have a total of 23 teams playing for a championship, with this many teams we are going to see a lot of great competition and an tremendous amount of fun.  Just to highlight a few games we had Another Kick In The Wall vs Bulldogs, this was a fun game to watch but not just because of the play but the sportsmanship was great.  Another Kick In The Wall spent time helping out Bulldogs who are new to kickball, going over rules and strategies and it was greatly appreciated, both teams had a great time and are anxious to get back out there for Week 2.

On Field 6-2 we had Cojones KC vs Kickball & Chill, this was another fun game between a veteran team and a team learning the rules and strategies.  Kickball & Chill may have won this game but Cojones KC has the potential to have a successful season and get into the playoffs.  In the blowout game of the night we had Dont Be A Bunt vs The Ball Cosby’s, this game got out of control quickly and snowballed from there.  Dont Be A Bunt scored 18 runs and gave of Zero.  Keep your heads up Ball Cosby’s its a long season and you can still get those wins.

In our Just For Kicks Division we had a number of close games, no more than 4 runs were scored by any team the entire night.  These teams are out here to have fun, drink, eat and socialize  They were successful at all of it and they look forward to Week 2.