Week 1! (Thursday’s)




Our Summer Kickball League is now underway, nothing stops these kickballers from getting their game on Thursday nights. It can be 104 degrees or it can be flooded, these people know how to have a great time. It was a great night of kickball, the weather was awesome, nice and cool and we missed all the rain. Teams came out to have a great time Week 1 and the way it looks is we will see a lot of grilling and drinking this summer session.


Week 1 of Thursday Kickball is in the books and what an awesome time it was. We have a total of 32 teams playing kickball on Thursdays, that means over 400 players, fans and friends hanging out on a Thursday evening having a few drinks, some food and some kickball fun. Spend some time walking around and mingling with teams, socialize, get to know people, it will be the best time you have ever had at a social outing.

On to the kickball, we had a few really good games. Dynasty Rules vs Classy was a good one, these teams have history and Dynasty Ruled isn’t the same team they use to be, but the results are still the same. This game was close and Classy had some opportunities to win this game, but a few errors cost them and Dynasty Ruled we on to win 3-1.

HPIC came out with a flurry of kicks against Saved By The Balls. This game was once sided all the way with HPIC winning 15-0. We had a close game with Dennis & The Menaces vs The Incrediballz, this one game was determined by two runs, but it was close the entire way and Dennis & The Menaces were able to pull out a victory 6-4.


Hope to see everyone next week, bring out your grills and your music and don’t forget your drinks!