Week Six! (Tuesday’s)



As teams tried to finalize their playoff chances, we were treated to some fine game sixes!

Got The Runs found themselves at a disadvantage in their game against One Kick Wonders, playing shorthanded with only eight people. However, you would be hard pressed to guess that as both teams manged to play some expert level kickball. Going into the sixth inning, neither team had been able to score a single run. Eventually though, One Kick Wonders was able to find the hole in Got The Runs defense as they scrambled across their first and only run of the game. That would be enough as Got The Runs would fall 1-0 despite their best efforts.


Kickin’ Aint Easy was able to pick up their first win of the season against Hotline Bling. Hotline Bling had played earlier in the night and may have been a bit worn down, but that would make no difference to KAE as the final in this one was 4-2.