Winter Kickball Tournament! (January 21)

Brrr! Our annual January kickball tournament didn’t disappoint in terms of winter weather, at least in the morning; it would turn into a beautiful day! We had over 200 players participate, and each of them contributed to the amazing Saturday we had out at Olmos Park! It seems impossible for us to choose just one Social Team of the Tournament (we would love to give it to everyone), but if we have to give one honorable mention it might be Big Red Balls. They set up a flag, a cookout and hung out all day, even when they were eliminated in the semi-finals.


We Got the Runs


There were a number of fantastic games all day long, but fast forwarding to The Finals, we found We Got the Runs vs Mocking Jay present. Mocking Jay is a team from Austin that made the long trek to see what San Antonio kickball is all about. We Got the Runs gave Mocking Jay a run for their money in the opening innings of the game. Both teams evenly matched, Mocking Jay came out of the gate kicking and scored quickly. We Got the Runs, though, has been around the block once or twice and managed to tie up the game. It came down to the wire with We Got the Run kicking one final home run to win the game, 5-4. (San Antonio Kickball: 1, Austin: 0)



Pitches Be Crazy
In our other league, Pitches Be Crazy and Ballz Deep might have shown fatigued from the long tournament day. Balls Deep managed to keep in the game for the first few innings, but Pitches Be Crazy wanted to shut down the game early and managed to pull ahead midway through. Pitches Be Crazy closed out the final game with a 18-5 win.



Congratulations to our winners, Pitches Be Crazy, and We Got the Runs! Also, a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! You all made this an awesome Saturday afternoon! We look forward to seeing everyone again when our first spring kickball season kicks off soon! Check the SASSC website for details!