A Swift Kick in the Grass! (Wednesday’s)

The Whispering Eyes

Whispering Eyes

Whispering Eyes is our Social Team of the Week! They have been extremely positive this season, and even sport a 4-0 record. They were very accommodating this week with their opponent, and it really contributed the awesome social atmosphere that we strive to have each and every week!



Malice in Chains squared off with Rush Hour in one of our late match-ups.  Both teams demonstrated great passing abilities and defended sternly.  Malice in Chains put together a great couple of one touch passes that saw the ball fly in the back of the net. They were able to secure one more goal, and along with it, the win.


Rayados also had a great game against their opponent, Sporting Abeergut.  Sporting was on a win streak of sorts, while Rayados had been struggling.  Rayados were finally able to get their team chemistry together, which has been percolating all season.  A great second half goal was enough to secure the 2-0 win for Rayados.