Kicking It Up a Notch! (Friday’s)


Nutmeggers FC


Our Social Team of the Week is Nutmeggers FC! They played a great and fun game against their opponents. A couple of bad things happened against Nutmeggers, just as far as the run of play goes, but they took it in stride, laughing at plays where they easily could have been frustrated. They are a good crowd and a fun team.



Nutmeggers and Cobras FC played an exciting match against each other. Nutmeggers were there to prove that they could stick with Cobras, and took the lead late in the first half to make it a game. Cobras were reeling coming into the second half, not able to maintain much possession, but as quick as they are on the ball, they were able to score a crucial female goal. Nutmeggers had their chance when a penalty in the box was called and they stepped up to take a penalty shot. The first attempt rattled off the post and back to the kicker who put it off the crossbar again, and in turn another Nutmegger teammate tried to bang home the second rebound only to see the ball hit the other post. Unlucky series of events for Nutmeggers, but a great game overall. This game would end 2-1 in Cobras FC’s favor.