Net Raiders! (Wednesday’s)


Our Social Team of the Week goes to Stirista! A team that plays multiple sports with us across multiple days, Stiristas can always be counted on to have a good attitude and one of socialness. We have the pleasure of seeing them at sand volleyball and soccer and they are always in high spirits. They came out to Slackers 2 last night to celebrate and win and it’s always nice to see them out at our sponsor bars.



Week Two kicked off out at STAR Soccer Complex and it was a cold night but that didn’t keep our games from heating up!

Game of the night was Rebels vs Proudfeet.


Proudfeet opened the game up with a quick goal and kept Rebels on the defense for most of the first half. A last minute female goal put them up 3-0. Rebels tried their best but just couldn’t put the ball in the net.
Rebels went into halftime down but came back hardly out. They were able to score two goals back to back and were in striking distance of Proudfeet. The table turned and Proudfeet weren’t able to connect any goals. While Rebels gave them a run for their money, they just weren’t able to score again and so Proudfeet hung on for the win, 3-2.