A Good, Hard Swift Kick in the Grass! (Monday’s)


Power Falcons


Another great night out at STAR Soccer Complex as Week Two kicks off our fall season for outdoor soccer.


Our 6:30 game was a nail biter with En Fuego vs Power Falcons. En Fuego scored two points in the first half and had Power Falcons on the run as we entered the second half. Power Falcons came back from halftime ready to put in the work and tied up the score quickly at 2-2. As time dwindled in the second half, En Fuego tried their best to score but just couldn’t put the ball in the goal. In the final minutes though, En Fuego was able to score a clutch final goal. The final score was, 3-2, En Fuego with the win.


Texas Tornadoes vs Cyclones was a slow burn of a game as the first half found the score, 1-2, in favor of Cyclones. Texas Tornadoes came out of the half swinging and scored two quick goals to put them in the lead. Cyclones kept their momentum up from the first half and answered with two goals of their own. Texas Tornadoes managed to score a last minute goal though to push them over the edge and secure the win, 5-4.