A New Sheriff in Town (Friday’s)

Just Here To Score is the social team of the evening. They had the last game of the night, and you could tell that they wanted to finish the season off right.  They got the game off on the right foot and were positive in their play the whole game.  They were good sports at the end of the night, as well.  They high fived their opponents and really seemed to have a good time.


The championship game was spectacular and saw two teams that are not unfamiliar with the league, but unfamiliar with playing each other in a championship setting.  Cobras reached the final once again and have achieved this accomplishment nearly every season.  Their opponents, Copa FC, wanted to show that they were the team to beat, and started off well.  Copa FC got some great looks on goal early in the game and were able to hit them into the net.  This did not get Cobras down though, as they played just as hard against their opponents, always trying to come into closer reach.  However, when the final whistle blew, Copa FC were crowned champions of the season.  Great game by both teams and great sportsmanship during the whole match.