Champions Crowned! (Monday’s)

Welcome to another our Monday league playoffs!


We had a number of great games tonight, but it is our Championship game that had all the buzz this evening. We saw two great teams, Newcastle United taking on Infinite Sprinkles take tough roads to make it to this game. Sprinkle’s journey might have been a bit more difficult as they were forced to play back to back matches while Newcastle enjoyed a break in between matches. Despite this, Sprinkles came out firing and was able to put a few balls in the net before we wrapped up the first half. This prompted a tactical switch for Newcastle in the second half to try and get some goals together. However, it was all for naught as our lower seeded competitor squeezed out the victory and the championship! Congratulations Sprinkles!


A big thank you to all of our great players, teams and spectators! Make sure to join us again next season, we can’t wait!