Champions Crowned! (Monday’s)

What a crazy season we’ve had! After a record number of rainouts, we sported a less than conventional playoffs: Sunday afternoon. Let’s see how it all played out today:


Bud Light Playoffs: Running Turtles vs Girl Touch!


Running Turtles battled through their first round game to meet Girl Touch! in the championship game. While Girl Touch! had an impressive defense, they just weren’t quite able to fend off Running Turtles offense, who were able to score two goals in the first half.

Girl Touch! came out halftime looking to even the score but it just wasn’t in the cards yesterday and Running Turtles took the Spring 1 championship with a final score of 2-0.


Michelob Playoffs: Jack Fruits vs No Worries Reloaded

Both teams came onto the field warmed up and ready to play. No Worries Reloads was fresh off their first round win and it looked like in the first half this was going to prove an advantage. No Worries Reloaded’s offense was on point and made a ton of attempts to score in the first half but was unable to connect. Both teams went into the half without scoring.



A penalty kick in the second half finally put Jack Fruits on the board with two points and that would be all the points scored in this game. Jack Fruits take the banner to be Spring I champs.