Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Our Playoffs for Wednesday night soccer did not fail to impress anyone watching the games. In our Bud Light/Michelob division, Rippin and Tearin played three straight games, including the final, which had to be tough on them. They played Team Melli who had been cruising in their first two victories. Rippin and Tearing was able to get up and score a couple quick ones which soon dashed the hopes of Team Melli who had a lot riding on the season. In the end, both teams played great.
Super social-rippin and tearin

Rippin and Tearin

Our championship from the Social division was extremely competitive and not without its source of controversy. Rayados went up early in the first half by scoring a penalty kick. However, Whispering Eyes were able to rally around themselves and scored to even the match. Rayados then scored again in the second half, only to see Whispering Eyes quickly even up the score. Both Whispering Eyes goals at the point in the match were spectacular shots, and well deserved. With about 10 minutes left in the second half, Whispering Eyes got that all important go ahead goal, and was enough to see them through as Champions.

Social- whispering eyes

Whispering Eyes