Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)


Tortuga Ninjas


In our Social Division, we had four teams vying for that championship opportunity. The semis began with Tortuga Ninjas and Sporting Abeergut. Tortugas would be in full control of this one, taking the victory 4-0. Opposite them, Whispering Eyes took on ABCDE FC. This match-up would be much closer, but the Eyes got their way and advanced by a count of 3-2.


The Championship game commenced following those well fought semis, and though this one went back and forth. It was Tortuga Ninjas who was able to claim the rights to the banner tonight. Tortuga Ninjas, 2, Whispering Eyes, 0. Congratulations Tortuga Ninjas!




Super Social Drinkers


Big Green took on Super Social Drinkers in our super social final. Both teams were gassed and their legs looked tired. It was a game of who wanted it more really. Drinkers were able to get a game tying goal in the second half and pushed for one more to win. They put the ball in the box almost at the end of the game, the ball bounced around and one of the Drinkers were able to guide the ball into the net. Great game. The game would end 2-1. Congratulations Super Social Drinkers!


As always, we’d like to give a big thanks to all of our great teams and spectators all season long! It wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you! We look forward to doing it all again soon!