Defending Our Goal! (Friday’s)

Der Hammer (1)

Der Hammer


Der Hammer and Cobras faced each other in our second match-up of the night, and it sure was spectacular at both ends! Der Hammer were able to build a slight, one goal lead in the first half with some great goals, but Cobras were not giving up as their team play together was outstanding. Der Hammer tacked on another goal in the second half to go up 5-3. With about two minutes remaining, Cobras played the ball deep with one of their females getting a head to it and sending the ball towards the net. Everyone held their breath as it looked like it was going in, but in the end it just grazed the top of the net, barely making its way over the top of the crossbar. It was a great match and both teams will be eager to see each other again if they should so happen to meet in the playoffs.