Fancy Footwork! (Monday’s)

Running Turtles


Rain, rain stay away! We’ve now completed Week Four, on a night that should have been playoffs! Despite our long mid-season break, teams still remembered where we played, and most importantly, how to score! The number of goals tonight were off the charts! We’re in the final stretch now, so get ready for a fun last two games and playoffs!



Our Team of the Week for Week Four is Running Turtles, and tonight, they took on Vanilla Thunder! Vanilla has had its up and down weeks this season, but tonight they looked to bring themselves to .500 with a win. Running Turtles would get their scoring night started with a female who was in great position just inches from the goal. Thunder was able to get on the board as well, three times to be exact, and while that may be enough on some nights or teams, it certainly wasn’t against the Turtles. The Turtles would proceed to put up six additional goals after their female! Final in this one, 8-3, Turtles.



The rain has been an issue in terms of delays, but certainly doesn’t delay the fun we have out here at STAR Complex! Playoffs are now just two weeks away, and remember that everyone now plays a seventh game! Also be sure to check the SASSC website for details on our next season!