Final Stretch! (Monday’s)





Ninja Gummi Bears against the Sharks was a great game to watch. Ninja Gummi Bears is a veteran team that has been around a while and they know how to move the ball with some fancy footwork! The Sharks did what they could to keep up, but ultimately struggled to keep up with their fast passes and offensive attack. Ninja Gummi Bears took the victory by a score of 4-1.


Your Mom against Running Turtles was another close, but exciting game to watch. Both teams started off really good and had some great defensive stops leading to a scoreless first half! The second half started and the Running Turtles came out attacking and scored two male goals to take the victory.


Rush Hour against Pink Panther was a very evenly match with both teams goalies having some great saves. Neither team could get their offense going nor find the net outside of one a piece. The match would end evenly, 1-1.



Scorpions versus Boo Berries was our last game of the night and Scorpions came out on fire, putting points on the board very quickly. Boo Berries made some great stops, but couldn’t get their offense going and Scorpions continued to find the back of the net taking the victory 4-0.


Good luck to all teams and let’s continue to have a great season!