Final Stretch! (Monday’s)


Texas Tornados


Well, there has never been a soccer game like the 08:30 Texas Tornadoes vs. Mooseknuckles game. The Texas Tornadoes started the game a man down due to a equipment problem, but that stood no problem in their offensive attack by going up one goal in the first five minutes. Mooseknuckles quickly answered with a goal of their own. Mooseknuckles followed with two goals of their own to gain a lead, but Texas Tornadoes got back into the game with a goal of their own before half time. Second half was consisted of an astounding number of goals for each team as the ball never seemed to be out of the net for too long for each team. Both teams played a hard up tempo game exchanging scores ending with a tie of 8-8.


While this game was impressive, it was far from our only great game of the night! Make sure to join us next week to not miss a minute of the action! Then follow us over to Slackers 2 for great SSC drink specials!