Final Week! (Monday’s)


Muffin Stuffers


Our Social Team of the Week is Muffin Stuffers. Each night, they bring the passion and excitement to the fields. Many nights, they often bring spectators that really hype and add another dynamic to the social atmosphere!



Its Week Three of the final season of the year! The competitiveness between teams increased as number of matches left is dwindling down and officially coming to a close. The last game of the night on Venza A was a showcase of passion and technical skill between Muffin Stuffers and Black Ice. Black Ice opened the scoring early in the first half to give themselves the advantage. Five minutes later, they added a female goal which made the score 3-0 going into half time. After the half time break, Muffin Stuffers came out increasing their offensive possession giving themselves a goal midway in the second half, which would effectively put them back in the game. The Muffin Stuffers then produced another goal with time to spare, but fell short for the final whistle blew ending the game 3-2 in favor of Black Ice.