Final Week! (Wednesday’s)

Our Social Team of the Week was nominated by a ref and seconded by two others! Straw Hats was the consensus team, as a group that is always in a good mood and makes games enjoyable and social for everyone!



Awesome night for Week Six out at STAR complex as this Spring 1 season starts to wind down, but boy has it been a good one! Teams looked to put another “W” in the Win column as we head into playoffs.


The game of the night goes to Raw Dawgs and Straw Hats. This game was all about close calls and great defense as both teams battled it out for the win. Straw Hats were able to put some distance between them and Raw Dawgs with a few quick goals. The game went into the half with Straw Hats up 3-1 and looked like they were going to be able to hold one but a final female goal in the closing minutes tied it up, 3-3.




Remember that everyone, playoffs or not, plays a seventh game this week! Also, check for our different start times for Championship week!