Finding the Back of the Net! (Monday’s)


Texas Tornadoes


The sun was shining and the breeze was surprisingly cool on a beautiful night for soccer at S.T.A.R. Our teams took the fields for week Two of summer soccer.
The first set of games were, for the most part, controlled by one team with Texas Tornadoes, Beaverton Mooseknuckles getting W’s with ease. The game between Young Starts and Old Farts and Running Turtles, however, was neck and neck the whole way. In the end, it would be a female goal that gave running turtles the edge and the win.
Our second games were much closer across the board. Jackfruits pulled off an impressive with on a penalty kick. A nice save from their goalie during the last two minutes sealed the game for them ultimately. Pardon our Swag lost a close game to Barcelona in the waning minutes of their game in a game that was mostly controlled by the women until that last goal. All of our teams our having a blast and making new connections which is what we are all about.
Don’t miss a minute of the action in Week Three as our teams will compete for a top spot in our 16 team league. Until then, have a great week!