Heading into the Net! (Wednesday’s)


San Antonio FC


It’s been a great regular season out here at STAR, and heading into the final week, teams had a fire lit underneath them, especially those on the bubble. Some teams clawed their way into the Dance next week, while others fell just short. Regardless of where any team stands after tonight, no one would deny having a blast out here on the fields! Make sure to check the website for details about next season’s registration!


In the final week, many teams attempted to grab three points and make a final push into the playoffs. The game between Sloths and San Antonio FC was filled with passion and energy as the both teams scored two goals in the first half of the match. The second half was not quite as exciting as the first, but Sloths were able to score a goal in the 14th minute the put them ahead, win the game and grab three points that may perhaps depending on the outcome of other matches allowed them to qualify for next week playoffs.