Kickin’ It Easy! (Wednesday’s)


Multiple Scoregasms


Fall was in the air Wednesday night out at STAR Soccer Complex as the temperature dipped into the low 70’s, but that didn’t keep our players from heating up the fields with some aggressive yet s,ocial game play.

The night kicked off into high gear with a high energy 6:30 game on Venza B with Stirista Sistas vs The Proudfeet. Stirista Sistas started off the game strong scoring three goals in the first half and holding The Proudfeet to zero goals. The Proudfeet came close to scoring several times, but just couldn’t get the ball into the goal. They came out of the half on stronger feet though and scored two goals to keep themselves in the game. A third goal had The Proudfeet feeling confident they’d be able to keep this game to a tie, but Stirista Sistas were not having any part of it and were able to score a final game winning goal, closing out this match 4 – 3.

Our 7:30 game on Venza C had San Antonio FC facing off against Multiple Scorgasms, and Scoregasms did everything it took to live up to their team name. Scoring a quick goal in the opening minutes, Multiple Scorgasms was able to score the only goal in the first half and went into halftime feeling good. They’d come out of halftime still on a high, and score another quick goal to put them up 2-0. San Antonio FC was able to answer with a goal of their own midway through, but it just wasn’t enough and Multiple Scorgasms won, 2-1.