Kickin’ It Old School! (Wedensday’s)


Malice in Chains


Sporting Abeergut had a great festive match against their opponents, Kicking and Screaming. They were comical and had jokes tonight, not only for their team, but the other as well. This helped to smooth the atmosphere over, especially for their opponents who were a free agent team. It was a good experience for them because it gave the free agent team a true look into the SSC culture that  we strive for in all of our games.


Red McCombs Toyota played a great match against Malice in Chains. Both teams were not willing to give an inch to one another, as they both were craving a first week win. Both teams were able to retain a lot of possession, and when the ball was turned over, great defense often succeeded. Toyota and Malice both scored three goals a piece and were able to split the game into a draw.