Kings of the Fields! (Monday’s)


Running Turtles


Super Social rounds were really good and long. Pitches Be Trippin’ and Full Force played a really tight and close game and ended in a tie. In the penalty kick round, it came down to the last shot for Full Force: get a stop, or lose the game.

Running turtles and Your Mom was a good game too. Running turtles came out on fire and had great defense and ran away with the victory.

In the Championship game between Running Turtles and Full Force it was a battle of the goalies because both teams were tired. Running Turtles took and 1 to 0 lead early in the game but with two minutes left in the game, Full Force tied the game. In the penalty kicks it was back and forth and Full Force was back in the same place they were before get a stop and continue but Running Turtles scored the goal and won the Championship.

IMG_1487 (1)

Angry Pandas


Social games started off good with No Fue Penal against My Knees Hurt and it looked like a clear run away with My Knees Hurt winning 3 to 0 in the first half. With five minutes left in the game, No fue Penal scored three points to tie the ball game up and go to penalty kicks, but their luck ran out in the penalty kicks when My Knees Hurt kicking to the victory.
Angry Pandas took on Pink Panthers in a battle of defense, both teams were playing very tight and kept the ball at mid field a lot, keeping it away from there big strikers until Angry Pandas got away from the tight defense and scored the only goal of the game for the victory.

Social Championship came down to Angry Pandas and My Knees Hurt and this was clearly a one sided championship. Angry Pandas came out like a whole different team just straight attacking My knees Hurt and scored three quick goals and never look back since and took the Championship.

Congrats to Angry Pandas and Running Turtles for the wins and a great season! Thanks to everyone who made this an awesome and memorable season! We look forward to another great season soon! See everyone next time!