Mother Nature Cut Us Short! (Monday’s)

no fue penal

No Fue Penal


We were able to get one set of games in Monday for Mother Nature decided it was time for us to call it quits for the night. The games played, however, had no shortage of excitement for the night.


Ninja Gummies scored an incredible nine goals against En Fuego FC who had four goals of their own making for a fast-paced and exciting match. No Fue Penal narrowly edged out Muffin Stuffers by one goal in the waning minutes of the game, making them undefeated. Another close game between Beaverton Mooseknuckles and Jackfruit ended in a one point advantage for the Mooseknuckles and Chubky Squirrels crushed Superchamps 6-0.


The next games were unfortunately rained out but check your schedules for the rescheduling as we will try to get those games finished it in the coming weeks.