Net Raiders! (Monday’s)

Week Two is in the books now! After being teased with raindrops all day long (we all know what that means), Mother Nature held off for us and gave us beautiful night! To go with the beauty of the night, the play on the field was no different! We saw strikes from all over the field, including a chip shot made from midfield! When games were over, teams then made their way over to Slacker’s!



Tonight, our Social Team of the Week took on a former free agents team that converted into a regular team! Screaming had the advantage here as they had an abundance of subs while Misfits FC, struggled to maintain their stamina as the subs were limited.

Right off the bat, the new faces of Screaming were indeed kicking and kicking right into the back of the goal. Players must have felt that the goal was twice as wide as they were able to find every corner. Kicking has a balanced attack and the ability to strike from multiple places on the field. The fact that they are free agents makes them even scarier, and, they’re doing it in our toughest division! Misfits are no easy tonight, but tonight they were over-matched. Misfits were able to put two in the back of the net against Screaming, but they couldn’t match the opposition’s firepower as they conceded seven. Congrats Kicking and Screaming!