Net Raiders! (Wednesday’s)


The Big Green


Sloths entertained a great game against The Big Green in one of our 8:30 match-ups.  Sloths were ready to take it to the Big Green and really showed up this week to try and get the win. Sloths moved the ball around well, got it to their female players up top, and were able to get off some decent shot attempts on goal. However, The Big Green were always ready to counter and were just more skillful in their possession of the ball. This helped them take an early first half female goal, and they kept momentum the remainder of the game. Though closer than the score indicates, this one finished 2 to 0 in Big Green’s favor.


This was just one of many great match-ups we had out here tonight, so make sure to join us next week and not miss a minute of the action! After the game, follow us to Slackers 2 to enjoy cold beverages together!