Net Raiders! (Wednesday’s)

Our Social Team of the Week goes to The Big Green! A great team that socializes every week with other teams and generally has a good time out on the pitch.



Week Four was a doozy over at STAR complex as our teams looked to better their standings and put another W in the win column. Though this was every team’s goal, no team was willing to concede, which resulted in a number of fantastic games tonight.


If we had to choose just one, it would have to be Another Round vs The Big Green. This was an intriguing match-up from the beginning. Teams found their offensive rhythm early, but it was only one team that actually had success finding the back of the net: Another Round. Three times they would put the ball away to go up 3-0 at the half. The Big Green kept pace, but just couldn’t connect. The Big Green came out of halftime looking to win and incredibly managed to tie the game up 3-3 in the early minutes! Neither team was able to make that last goal, though, and Another Round and The Big Green closed out the match 3-3. We look forward to seeing this one again come playoff time!