Playoffs/Week One! (Monday’s)

No Worries took the Title in both our Championship and our Social Team of the Week with their winning attitude. They’re a team to always shows up early and hangs out and definitely bring a social atmosphere to the fields week after week. Congrats on your win this season No Worries!


Michelob Playoffs

Black Ice came into the finals after winning back to back rounds. They were warmed up and looking to take the title. No Worries had just played in the semi finals and didn’t want to walk away empty handed. Both teams left everything out on the field last night but No Worries had just a little bit more left in the tank in the opening half. Black Ice just wasn’t able to put the ball in the net and No Worries close out the season with a decisive win, 3-0.


Bud Light


Ninja Gummi Bears
What a game! Texas Tornadoes vs Ninja Gummi Bears in the Bud Light playoffs was a game of errors. Both teams came so close to scoring on several occasions, but just couldn’t connect. Texas Tornadoes got on the scoreboard 15 mins into the first half, but Ninja Gummi Bears answered with a quick goal of their own. A final female goal in the closing minutes put them up 4-2 and Texas Tornadoes were never able to close the gap. Ninja Gummi Bears took the win.



Congratulations to Ninja Gummi Bears and No Worries! It’s be an incredible season, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!


Week One


Social shout out to Week One Social Team of the Week Yellow Dragons! They had a double header this week and stayed in good spirits throughout the night. It’s always nice to see a team having a good time out at the fields. They won both games as well last night! Good luck this season Yellow Dragons!



Earthquakes led most of the first half. Misfits were able to put a dent in the score with a female goal in the final minutes of the first half, but still trailer 3-2 going into halftime. Misfits came back from halftime though with a quick female goal putting them up one point. They were able to hold off Earthquakes for the remainder of the game, closing it out 4-3.