Predators on the Prowl

Our social team of the week is Miniature Tigers! A group of familiar faces, this team brought the offense tonight, scoring a combined 13 goals from their two matches! Regardless of the score, win or lose, they are always good sports, and tonight was no different.


First up, our social team of the week took on another set of familiar faces in No Fue Penal. Penal in previous seasons has had no shortage of offense, but tonight they struggled to string passes together and work their way down the field. Tigers’s stingy defense is due credit here. Meanwhile, the Tigers were able to find the back of the net twice in the first half. Penal attempted to regroup, and in the second tightened up their defense, only allowing one, but their offense still looked out of sync. Tigers would finish this one with a score of 3-0.

Secondly, Miniature Tigers took on No Worries Reloaded. Reloaded, a previously a championship contender team, looked to continue where they left off last season. However, tonight Reloaded was struck with the unfortunate luck of missing a handful of key players. With minimal subs, the wear and tear of the game caught up to them at times. Miniature Tigers, though they came off the doubleheader, had the luxury of subs and took full advantage of the mismatch. Tigers found the back of the net at will it seemed, in a very impressive performance. Reloaded found one in the first half, but Tigers had a total of six goals, and four of those being female. This one would end in score of 10-1.