Social Soccer (Friday’s)


Haz Beens were really great during their game.  They were down the whole match, but they never seemed truly effected by the way things were going.  They still played hard, never complained, and at the end of the day had a good time.  Great team.


We had a great game between one of our new-comer teams, Scorpions, and long time league players, Cobras.  Cobras looked to show their class early by getting two goals in the first half.  One of the goals was a very nicely taken free kick that was well struck and found the back of the net.  However, Scorpions were still ready to show that they belonged.  They started off the second half by getting a nice female goal to go in, bringing the game to a tie.  It seemed Cobras were ready to get one more goal to go in, as they saw many chances, but in the end Scorpions were able to get one more goal to steal the match and get the win.  Great game by both teams.