Social Soccer (Friday’s)


Just Here to Score takes the social spirit of the week award, as they had a really great time during their game.  They were very encouraging to their own teammates, as well as their opponents.  There were a few times where some fouls could have been taken the wrong way by Just Here To Score players, but they were more than friendly to their opponent, and were great sports throughout the match.  They really seem to have a good, fun, sporting time.


The very first game of the night was a great matchup between two teams that are looking to come up in the league.  Lets Get Messi has great team chemistry and work well together.  Scorpions is a free agent team that seems like they have been playing together for ages.


Both teams were looking to set the tone against their opponent quickly, with shots seen at both ends of the field defended neatly away by the keepers.  In the second half, the game was tied 2-2 and both teams were nervous about giving up any sort of lead to the other team.  This type of play can only hold up so long, as Lets Get Messi were able to get a crucial female goal to go between defenders, and the keeper to find the net with about 5 minutes left to play.  It was truly a heartbreaker for Scorpions who really thought they would come out of the game with, if not the win, than at least a tie.  However, it was a great game by both teams, really competitive, and fun to watch.