Tri-Champ Cup (Monday’s)

All 3 divisions each produced exciting championship match-ups.



Bud Light: In this match-up, we saw Infinite Sprinkles, who knocked off Game of Throw-Ins, and Tigres who downed Los Whatevers. The championship game saw offense starting quickly with Infinite Sprinkles taking the lead on female attack. Halftime would show 2-0 in their favor. But not long after the whistle to start the second, Tigres would match the score. Each team would go on to score three more male goals leaving us with a 4-4 end of regulation. PK’s! Both teams made their first two, followed by an Infinite miss that went off the goal post. Tigres would make all five, and we would end 5-3! An exciting game till the finish.



Michelob Ultra: Me and the Revolution knocked off No Fuel Penal, while Ninja Gummy Bears downed Peachtree United, for our two victors to meet in the finals.


This game featured stellar defense throughout. There was no telling who would win this because solid defense forced reckless shots. Shots that were on goal were well defended. Late into the game, a goal was finally scored. The goal would be the only of the game leading us to a 1-0 victory for…. Ninja Gummy Bears!



Budweiser: No Worries Reloaded knocked off the Big Green and Jack Fruits took down Rotten Toenails in PK’s!


Jack Fruits had been stellar all season long, and they’ve scored a ton of female goals. No Worries Reloaded is known for their physical play, but tonight was no different for Jack Fruits as their females were able to find the back of the net more than once, twice to be specific. No Worries also found the back of the net twice, but not with females. Therefore, it was Jack Fruits who was able to take this one, 4-2!