Week 1! (Wednesday’s)

We had a terrific match-up against two teams that are very familiar with each other and it showed. Whispering Eyes took on Kahones, and both sides were eager to get a win in on the first week. Kahones tried to play a lot of possession-ball and long balls down the center of the field. Whispering Eyes were able to defend off these chances well however, and often picked up the ball and were off to the races. Kahones were only down by one goal in the second half when it looked like at some points they would get a female goal to go ahead, but great goalkeeping from Eyes stuffed these chances. Eyes got one more female goal in the second half to go up 5-2 and seal the victory.


This was just one of many great matches on Wednesday night, so make sure to join us each and every week too keep up with the action!