Ace Your Way to Victory! (Tuesday’s)

That Ace Thou

Dat Ace Doe


Social Team of the week was Dat Ace Doe who came out ready to play and was very pumped up.



Net Raiders against Serves You Right was a very great game to watch. Both teams bump, set and spike to perfection, while both played stellar defense. After splitting the first two games Serves you Right adjusted their line up and set up their big hitters and took the victory in the third set, .

I’d Hit That against Sand Jobs was another great game. Both teams were evenly matched and also had some very long and great rallies. Going into the third set, Sand Jobs played really well together and put the pressure on I’d Hit That. But good communication and great defensive stops carried them to victory, 2-1.

Mita’s Balls and No Fue Penal was another solid game. Both teams’ girls were hustling all over the court and didn’t want to let any balls hit the ground. Mita’s Balls defense and great serves pulled them ahead and they never looked back and took the victory in two sets.

That’s What She Set versus Dat Ace Doe was a very exciting game to end the night. Both teams were evenly matched up and battled it out every point. Both teams went back and forth the first two games and set three was not any different. Point for point and some great long rallies took this game down to the wire but in the end Dat Ace Doe wanted it a little more and took the victory in set three.
Good luck to all teams and let’s continue to have a great season!