Set Me Up! (Monday’s)


No Diggity



Another great night of volleyball at Mainland as teams faced off in week four of the league. After a week off for the holiday, the teams were back eager to compete and have some fun.



Our first game of the night between Ace Holes and Practice Safe Sets turned into a 4-on-4 game as both teams were short-handed. This made things interesting as the players had to cover much more sand than usual, but also made for some very impressive digs and saves. The match went to a third set and Safe Sets was almost able to give Ace Holes their first loss of the season, but a late surge proved to be too much for them to overcome and Ace Holes remain undefeated.

The second game between Two Bump Chumps and Just Hit It was a statement game by the Chumps. They came out on a mission and impressively and decidedly took the match in just two sets. Just Hit It, who were in the championship game last season, have seemed to lose some of their cohesiveness as a unit and will need to find it in order to rebound from this loss next week.

The last game of the night between Hit it and Quit It and No Diggity was interesting to say the least. No Diggity took advantage of their late start time by grabbing a few (aka many) drinks beforehand and came to play pretty “happy”. Needless to say, the more alert Hit it and Quit It team took two wins easily, but there was no shortage of laughing and antics in the game–the most fun of the night.

Week 5 is coming up and teams will start counting on their wins to get them into playoffs in just a couple more weeks. Join us as the teams hit the sand for some fun in the sun!