Talk to the Sand! (Wednesday’s)

bumpin uglies

Bumpin’ Uglies


Spiked Punch vs Bumpin’ Uglies

A formidable team, Spiked Punch is always a team to watch out on the sand. The first set against their opponent, Bumpin’ Uglies, was dominated by long volleys and great saves. In the final points of the set though, Bumpin’ Uglies was able to close it out, winning 25-22. Not ready to see the end of the game though, Spiked Punch came into the second set refocused and after another impressive long set, closed it out, 25-21. Set three found both teams tired and leaving everything out on the court, but Bumpin Uglies proved to have a little left in the tank, winning the game 15-06.

Block Busters vs Rough Sets

Off to a rocky start, Rough Sets struggled during the first set of the match. Block Busters was able to take an early lead and didn’t give it up for the duration of the set. Block Busters closed out the first set of the night, 25-13. The second set started off with both teams going point for point until the 10 point mark. Block Busters was able to finally to put a little distance between them and Rough Sets, pulling ahead with a five point lead, 14-09. Rough Sets was able to battle back bringing the score within two, but Block Busters were able to close out the game, 25-17.