Sets in the Sand! (Wednesday’s)

rough sets

Rough Sets


Week Five! It’s been a wild ride this season, and as we head into Week Six, it’s really heating up out here; both the sun and the competition! With a limited number of playoff spots remaining, teams knew the importance of tonight’s game as well as next week’s. It’s been a great one this season, and if you haven’t already, make sure to head over to the SASSC website to register for next season!


With this Wednesday missing two of our biggest tailgaters due to bye weeks, new teams had the opportunity to step up and claim the Social Team of the Week. This week, it was Rough Sets who brought the grill, had plenty to share and has continually this season been a great social team. Honorable mentions this week go to teams that stayed out well past their game times to socialize and even play some pickup following the conclusion of our last games: A few players of Rough Sets, Set-sy and We Know It, 2 Legit 2 Hit, Spazmatic Transplants and Safe Sets. Many teams didn’t end the night here as many of them made their way over to the Hangar!


In our Super Social Division tonight, we featured Set-sy & We Know It and Hot Sets. The first set of the match found Set-sy in the early lead, but at the midway point Hot was able to come back and establish a five point lead. Not ready to concede, Set-sy was able to hold Hot at bay and tie up the game at 24-24. Set-sy would keep their serving streak alive and close out the final two points and take the set, 26-24. The strong serves would continue in the second set and Set-sy would take an early 10 point lead. Hot would put up a fight, but ultimately could not overcome Set-sy as the set ended 25-13. Neither team is out of playoff contention, so we could see this match-up again!
On our Social side, tonight we feature Block You Like a Hurricane and Awkward Sets. Both teams played fantastic sand volleyball as it was truly a game of strategy and execution. Mistakes happened, but they were minimal for the duration of the match. The first set would fall in favor of Hurricane, 25-20, but a closely contested second set would tilt in Awkward’s favor, 26-24. Hurricane would look to recoup by taking a large seven point lead in our shorter set, but Awkward would rally and make this one a nail-biter. Ultimately, there just wasn’t enough time for Awkward, and Block escaped 16-14, upsetting the only remaining undefeated team.