Stacking the Wins! (Friday’s)

Notorious dig

Notorious DIG


The Sand Ninjas took on Bumpin’ Uglies in a close three set game. The first set started with the Sand Ninjas staring into the sun as they built a 7-1 lead to start the set. Eventually, the sun would play a bigger role as Bumpin’ Uglies went with the get the ball over in one hit tactic. Balls would fall harmlessly to the ground. Bumping Ugliest would come back to take the first set, 25-20. The second set was even better for the Ninjas as the Uglies’ over-in-one strategy fared far worse when their opponents when they were not staring into the sun. Despite once again giving up an early lead, Ninjas were able to secure a 25-17 win and force a third set. In the third set the Ninjas would again lose an early lead but they managed to stay just far enough ahead to take the third set 17-15 in an incredible comeback.



The competition is heating up as we move closer and closer to playoffs! Good luck to all of our teams the remainder of the season!