Final Week! (Tuesday’s)


Spike yo punch

Spike Yo Punch


Social team of the week was Spike yo Punch who are a very social team and had a blast winning yesterday.


Spike yo Punch vs No Diggity
This was a very great game to watch because both teams are very social and had a lot of fun during the match laughing and joking. Spike Yo Punch had their serves working for them and No Diggity was having trouble receiving them, but then went on a rally to attempt to close the gap. But Spike Yo Punch’s defense was too good, and they took the victory in two sets.
Serve-ivors vs Oooo
This match-up was a battle from the beginning. Both teams knew how to bump, set, spike and also how to dig the ball very well. This game had some very long rallies and some crazy saves from both teams. After splitting the first two sets, which were very close, set three started and they were going point for point. That is, until Serve-ivors stop communicated with each other that led to some costly errors and Ooooo to the victory.
Congrats to all the teams that made the playoffs and good luck!