Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Another Wednesday sand volleyball season has come to a close, and boy, was it a night. To a new spectator, all eight matches looked like they could have been a championship game! There was so much competition, it was absolutely incredible. But as it stands, only one team from each division could be crowned champions, and we had a fantastic ride to get there.


Super Social

Setsy and we know it

Setsy and We Know It


Block Busters vs Hot Sets was a back and forth match from the start and really set the tone for the entire night! Block would rally from being down to take the first set. In the second set, teams were really motivated to put the game away, and Block Busters almost let a lead slip through their hands, but escaped 27-25 and the match. Setsy and We Know it took on Spazmatic Transplants and took care of business in two quick sets, 25-16, 25-6.
In the semis, Setsy and top seeded How I Set Your Mother took the court in what truly looked like a championship match. But today would be an upset day as Mother fell in two very tough, very close sets. After a match to rest up, Block Busters also retook the court to take on second seeded Empire Spikes Back. Empire came out composed ready to advance, but as in the first semifinal match-up today was about the upsets, as third seeded Block Busters took care of Empire 25-19, 25-20.
Our finals featured Block Busters and Setsy and We Know It! Both teams played extremely well at the net and found open spots on the court, but ultimately it was Setsy that would take win this match and be crowned champions! Congratulations to Setsy and We Know It!



Spiked punch
Spiked Punch
We kicked off the Social Playoffs with top seeded Spiked Punch and fourth seeded Bumpin’ Uglies. Uglies were one of the only two teams that were able to hand Spiked Punch a loss during the regular season, so we knew there would be lots of excitement in this one! This may be Uglies’ third season this year, but Spiked Punch has over a year’s worth of experience playing together, and you can’t discount experience in the playoffs as they won two sets comfortably, 25-21, 25-17. Likewise, Awkward Sets and Block You Like a Hurricane was even closer and had to be decided by a third set. Hurricane played down a player for the first two sets, and that could have made the difference in this one as they came up just short in the third set and the match ended with Awkward advancing after the third set ended 15-13.
The Championship match looked to be all in Spiked Punch’s favor against Awkward Sets as they handled with ease the first set, 25-15. Following the disastrous first set for Awkward, they regrouped and came out firing in the second. At a score of 9-3 in Awkward’s favor, Punch was forced to take a timeout. Spiked continued to struggle coming out of the timeout, but eventually began to find their groove and shake out of their funk. After being down by as many as time, Punch rallied and incredibly tied the set at 23-23! They followed with two straight points to take the match. Congratulations Spiked Punch!


Playoffs are always a little more serious, so no grilling tonight, but there was still no shortage of drinks! Teams were very prepared in that aspect. It’s been a fantastic season, and once again, we truly appreciate each and every player and fan that made this season memorable and amazing! We look forward to doing it again soon!