Setsy and We Know It! (Friday’s)


Ball Busters


Our Social Team of the Week is Ball Busters! They’re a very social bunch each and every week, and to top it off, the find themselves atop the standings board!


Week 5 is upon us! As the season winds down, teams came out looking for a W to punch their ticket to the playoffs. Our first match put the Ball Busters up against How I Set Your Mother. The Ball Busters were able to glide to a 2-0 victory, showing impressive athleticism on both sides of the game. Our second game of the night put Bumping Uglies up against I’d Hit That. Both teams have been on somewhat of a hot streak as of late; but there could only be one victor this evening. I’d Hit That were able to grind it out and earn the 2-0 win, but Bumping Uglies kept everything close.
One week remains, good luck everyone!