Final Stretch! (Wednesday’s)


Spazmatic Transplants


After a brief one week hiatus, courtesy of Mother Nature, we are back for Week Five at Factory of Champions! The temperatures were low tonight, so we really had that fall feeling for which we’ve all been waiting!



Our Social Team of the Week is Spazmatic Transplants! They’re SSC LONG time veterans, and they never disappoint for having a great time! To take the social atmosphere to the next level, they’ve even created their own Wednesday night concoction that they bring each week!



In our first featured game of the night, our Social Team of the Week took on TRE Attack Pack. This was a match of new faces versus long time SSCer’s. TRE played a great first set and won in a nail biter, 25-23. Determined to walk away with compliments of a free pitcher tonight, Spazmatic rallied in set two. Through another sine wave of a match, Spazmatic took this one, 25-21. As expected, set three was tense, and it would come down to extra points. Final score: Spazmatic Transplants, 16, TRE Attack Pack, 14.

Opposite them, it was a battle of the top seeds, Spiked Punch and Awkward Sets. Both teams played fantastic volleyball, and as it always does among these rivals, this game came down to a third set. The third was point for point, Spiked Punch had such great offense, but a few late errors made the difference in this match. Awkward Sets took the match 16-14.
One week remains!