Aces in the Hole (Friday’s)


Social Team of the Week goes to Bumpin Uglies. They came early, hit around in between sets and stayed after to watch the other game.


Game of the Week goes to How I Set Your Mother vs Notorious DIG.

How I Set Your Mother started off strong in the first set, determined to make as few errors as possible. Their serves and ability to cover made the first set and easy win, 25-19.

Notorious DIG came back in the second set though, pushing through with a strong back line and capitalizing on How I Set Your Mother’s errors. Their determination pushed this match to a 3rd set, 25-17.

How I Set Your Mother just wasn’t able to turn the second set loss around and Notorious DIG’s first server delivered a 10 point ACE streak. Notorious DIG takes the win for the 3rd set, 15-4.