Back for More (Friday’s)


Ball Busters 2.0, the reigning champs at Mainland, came back for another season in hopes of bringing home another win!  Tonight, they played Notorious DIG. The first set, Notorious DIG were trying to find their bearings and Ball Busters were capitalizing on their weak spots, spotting out the holes in their formation. It was a quick set going the way of Ball Busters ending with the score at 25 Р15. The second set, Notorious DIG were warmed up and ready for action. Now that they knew what to expect, they quickly adjusted their game play. Even with their adjustments, Ball Busters were simply better at passing the ball and being prepared for the quick returns. Set 2, again, went to Ball Busters 2.0 and they went home with their first win of the season.

How I Set Your Mother versus Bumping Uglies was a game to watch. On and off the court, Bumping Uglies were cheering loudly for their team and doing a good job of keeping spirits up even when times were tough. How I Set Your Mother was definitely better at playing a cleaner game but Bumping Uglies were able to react quickly to some of the plays. Bumping Uglies had a server that launched the ball super high in the air and confused the other team a bit. Those serves landed them a few points, but it wasn’t a serve that he could exactly aim, so it could be costly for them as well. Bumping Uglies pulled ahead in the first set and maintained their lead in order to win 25 – 17. However, the second set, How I Set Your Mother was not going down easy. How I Set Your Mother made some great plays at the net but Bumping Uglies was able to quickly save some balls that others might have called a lost cause. In the end, the scrappy plays from Bumping Uglies got them to 25 points and gained them their first win of the season!